You Are What You Eat

Channel 5

Britain’s most iconic health show, You Are What You Eat is back and as supersized as the nation’s eating habits. 

Ready and raring to transform some of the country’s most disastrous dieters, is TV legend Trisha Goddard, trusted GP Dr Amir Khan and MSc. qualified nutritionist Kate Llewellyn-Waters. Back to aid the trio is the feared ‘table of truth’ as well as the iconic poo test where Professor Lindsay Hall reveals the secrets of our gut health. 

In every episode, Trisha and Dr Amir will help two people in desperate need of a life-changing, or even life-saving intervention. They’ll take control of their lives for eight weeks to show them how they can take control of their own lives forever.  

Their all-new lifestyle plans will help them ditch the dodgy diets once and for all, with straight forward, no-nonsense advice to get them, and us, all showing our bodies who’s boss from top to bottom (quite literally!) in the way that only You Are What You Eat can.  

So, whether you want to fight the flab, kick tiredness into touch or win the war on willpower, all new You Are What You Eat will reveal how to be a happier, healthier you for a whole new year ahead.