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    How do I apply for a job at CPL?

    We are always interested to hear from talented people. If you would like to work with us or request a work experience placement with us, please send your CV via email to talent@cplproductions.co.uk. Please state the position you are applying for under ‘Subject’ e.g. Producer/Director, Researcher etc. We keep all CV's on file whilst relevant and consider those suitable for vacancies as they arise. We regret that we do not accept applications via post.

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    Under the General Data Protection Regulation you may request copies of any of your personal data held by CPL. We have provided an online form and letter template for your use in making such a request if you wish.

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    These Terms & Conditions set out the basis under which services shall be provided by suppliers to CPL. All suppliers to CPL should review these Terms and Conditions which, together with a Purchase Order provided by the Company, shall form the contract under which your goods/services shall be provided. To view CPL’s Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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