Married at First Sight


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Married At First Sight is a social experiment that tests the proposition that science can help find true love.

The participants must all agree to marry the person they are matched with – that they won’t meet until their wedding day.

Chosen from an initial pool of over 1500 applicants, individuals each seeking long-term love have been carefully assessed by a panel of experts in the fields of psychology, social & evolutionary anthropology and theology. 

Once matched by the experts the highly compatible couples will prepare to enter into a legally-binding marriage with a complete stranger – meeting for the very first time at their own wedding where they’ll declare ‘I do’. 

But will everyone make it down the aisle? As the day draws close will nerves get the better of each bride and groom before they meet at the altar?

For those that do decide to become legally wed the cameras will follow the couples during the first tentative weeks of their relationship as they share their honeymoon and then their daily lives with a complete stranger. 

After a period of time the newlyweds must decide whether to stay together or divorce.

This is the ground-breaking series that asks if science can help us fall in love.