Channel 4

In Quizness, four contestants’ general knowledge and mental agility is put to the test as they battle it out across seven rounds to compete for a major cash prize, in this serious quiz with funny answers.

Rounds include ‘Subbly Jubbly’, where contestants must substitute nonsense words into the correct answers; ‘Risky Quizness’, a surprisingly difficult quickfire round in which nearly every question has the same answer, and ‘Double Trouble’, a multiple choice round which tests the quizzers’ speed of thought when they must answer a different question to the one they’ve actually been asked – with unintentionally cheeky consequences.

At the end of rounds four, six and seven the contestant with the lowest score is eliminated, leaving the remaining quizzer to play for the cash prize in a tense final round. Answer seven questions correctly and they win the £25k jackpot; fail to do so and they leave with a £1k consolation prize.