National Theatre of Brent The First Man on the Moon and How They Done It

BBC Radio 4 – 2019

The National Theatre of Brent present a unique dramatised radio re-enactment of the fifty year centenary of the Historic First Walking on the Moon. As it was done by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Phil Collins.

It seems only yesterday when the moon was just a mysterious light in the unknown depths of the night sky that man could only guess at the purpose of and no one knew anything about whatsoever.

Then, all of a sudden in 1969, something remarkable occurred.

The famous Space Race began literally out of the blue and the famously infamous president President Nixon, on the run avoiding investigation for dodgy dealing, ordered the US space race to begin with the famous words, “Let the Space Race begin!” – or words to that effect.

And, as if that weren’t enough, besides this historic and – we believe first ever – reconstruction of a historic astronomic event ever done on radio as it almost certainly probably happened, we will also delve controversially into the often stormy on-board relationships of the space men themselves and also – even more controversially perhaps – glimpse into their often stormy domestic lives too, in particular what it meant and how it felt to be Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Aldrin.

Did they support their space men husbands or were they, in fact, deeply divided and bitter about it having to stay at home basically and do the laundry and dusting?

These fascinating and hitherto un-probed events – and many more – will be revealed in this pioneering, historic, spectacular, authentic, yet unashamedly controversial BBC radio drama.