My Brilliant Life

BBC Radio 4 – 2020

Alistair McGowan stars as a host of famous people in this new comedy about man who spends his life on the road, daydreaming about the brilliant life that he’s never had.

Harry Pye could have been a great actor, writer, sportsman, politician or rock ’n’ roll star. He could have been – but he isn’t. Instead he is on his third marriage to the menopausal Sue, is half of a pub-gigging musical duo with his best mate Jason, and spends his days as a red-plate driver. He drives up and down the motorways of Britain delivering luxury cars that he knows he’ll never be able to afford to own, while being constantly harangued over his hands-free phone by his millennial boss, Kaley.

It’s true that Harry’s life hasn’t been exactly brilliant but, alone in the car, all the attention and accolades that life have denied him are abundantly supplied by his active imagination. Because, in his daydreams, Harry mingles with and glitters among a staggering array of famous friends – all voiced by Alistair McGowan.

He has created a dazzling celebrity world and placed himself right at its centre. He collects awards for the books he’s never written and films he’s never made and is feted for political wisdom and sporting prowess he doesn’t possess.