Bette & Joan & Baby Jane

BBC Radio 4

1 × 45 minutes

Two screen goddesses, one iconic film, a recipe for disaster… A new radio play starring Catherine Tate and Tracy-Ann Oberman.

On 23 July 1961, filming started on “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” at the Producers Studio, Hollywood. It was a film that industry insiders thought would never be made, as its two female stars had an ongoing feud as famous and as long lasting as both of their glittering screen careers. Bette Davis “the actress” and Joan Crawford “the movie star” both arrived on set determined to prove everyone wrong, including each other…

Tracy-Ann’s first radio play tells the story of the making of this legendary film, of the creation of two iconic stars and of the origins of a deep seated hatred that spanned five decades.

Joan Crawford ….. Tracy-Ann Oberman
Bette Davis …..Catherine Tate
Billy Miller ….. Matt Addis
Hedda Hopper ….. Lorelei King

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