Katherine Ryan asks the wealthy ‘How Did You Get So Rich?’

Comedian Katherine Ryan hosts the new series meeting the wealthy, the super-wealthy and the super-duper-wealthy both in the UK and overseas, learning the answer to the burning question: “How did you get so rich?”

We’ve seen how ‘the 1%’ spends their hard earned money, but in this quizzical new series Katherine will learn the remarkable and inspirational stories of how they made their millions. Based on a US format formerly hosted by Joan Rivers, the all new Channel 4 series seeks out some of the most surprising personal stories of hard graft, bizarre business and plucky entrepreneurship in 21st Century Britain and beyond.

The 6 x 45’ series will be made by CPL productions under executive producers Murray Boland, Danielle Lux and Mob Dar and has been commissioned for Channel 4 by Jilly Pearce, Formats Commissioning Editor and Dom Bird, Head of Formats.

Katherine Ryan comments: “For the first time ever, I get to legally snoop through people’s mega-homes and luxury possessions without having to sleep with a rapper. I want to know how somebody gets super rich, and what that lifestyle looks like from the inside. I hope not to offend, as a multi-millionaire could have me killed quite easily.”

Jilly Pearce, Formats Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 comments: “How Did You Get So Rich promises to explore the amazing stories of self-made millionaires the world over. From those with an unparalleled drive for success, to teen millionaires and ‘rags-to-riches’ champions. We’re excited to bring this successful format to the channel and explore what wealth on this scale means to these incredible entrepreneurs.”

Murray Boland from CPL Productions adds: “Katherine is a playful and probing presenter, and will make the perfect host for this eye-opening series. She’ll be out on the streets, and inside the homes of the very wealthy asking the questions many of us would be afraid to ask.”

How Did You Get So Rich will TX in 2017.

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