Discovery announces premiere date of CPL’s 90 Day Fiancé UK

09 June 2022

Discovery in the UK has announced that the UK spinoff of US reality series 90 Day Fiancé, produced by CPL Productions, will premiere on streaming platform Discovery+ on July 24.

90 Day Fiancé UK (12×60) follows eight loved-up Brits and their long-distance lovers for 90 days to see if it’s the real deal, or if they’ve made a big mistake and should call the whole thing off!

Deirdre Dowling exec produces for Discovery, alongside CPL Productions’ managing director Danielle Lux, creative director Murray Boland and Dermot Caulfield.

The cast includes:

Eternal bachelor Shaun (41, Hampshire) and, mum of four, Christine (42, The Philippines) met online in 2012. They started dating in 2013 and they’ve been in a long-distance relationship ever since. Shaun has financially supported Christine and her children from a previous relationships since 2014. Christine shares the money with her parents and wider family. In 2018, after a holiday to the islands, Christine found out she was pregnant. Shaun has only met his son Christian three times and hasn’t seen him since his first birthday.

Feisty Yorkshire lass Bridie (31, Rotherham) met Lebanese online gamer Host (28, Lebanon) in 2020 whilst playing an online game. Their friendship developed into a full-blown online romance. The couple have been together for two years, but have never met in person. Host says he has never felt such chemistry before and is committed to joining Bridie and her daughters in the UK so that they can start their lives together as a family… but getting a visa is no easy task.

Japan-obsessed Victoria (33, Wolverhampton) has been unlucky in love, and happily devotes her life to running her Japanese-themed Facebook page. This is where she met Japanese YouTuber Sean (42, Japan). He thought she was cute and soon they began speaking Japanese together for hours a day. But Sean has refused to tell Victoria his real age and failed to mention that he has been married before, even though he assures Victoria that he was divorced by the time they met. Now, Victoria has been left wondering what else he is hiding from her, and she still doesn’t know what he does for a living.

Nurse Kadie (26, West Yorkshire) and fitness-fanatic Alejandro (30, Mexico) met in June 2021 on an international dating site and have fallen for each other despite having never met in person. Alejandro plans to visit the UK for the first time to spend four weeks with Kadie and her grandmother. If it goes well and their feelings grow, will they finally become official boyfriend and girlfriend? Will they finally say those three little words to each other in person?

Quiz host Richard (41, Preston) is fed up with dating British women. He turned to international dating apps in the hope of finding a domesticated housewife. After ‘swiping right’ on the gorgeous Kathleen (32, The Philippines), he quickly fell head over heels, and has been to visit her and her family in The Philippines. Richard says that he is confident that she will fulfil all the washing and cleaning duties that his heart desires. But Richard doesn’t have a good track record of being faithful. Will he be able to stay true this time around?

Six years ago, single mum Emma (44, West Yorkshire) came across Hossein‘s (33, Iran) Instagram page and immediately felt a strong attraction. Regardless of their different interests – he’s a bodybuilder who loves posting selfies on social media while she prefers to go down the pub with her mates – and 11-year age difference, Emma believes this is true love.

One day, pensioner Pat (68, Merseyside) received a friend request from Sam (28, Pakistan) who told her he felt an attraction to her. Pat thought he was handsome. She also liked how much they had in common, both Christian and both nurses! One evening Pat’s phone rang; it was Sam who had said he had been feeling lonely and wanted to talk to her. Pat immediately saw this as a sign from God, as she had been feeling lonely too! It was fate. Despite having never met, she has fallen head over heels in love with him and trusts him implicitly.

Calum (28, Perth, Scotland) met Marvin (26, The Seychelles) by complete chance while scrolling through international Tinder, and Marvin didn’t waste any time getting in touch to tell Calum just how attractive he thought he was. Their messaging quickly escalated into nightly video calls as the pair became completely smitten, despite having never met in person. The couple speak at length about their dream wedding and how their life together could work out. Marvin and Calum are ready to take the next steps in their relationship and Marvin hopes to fly to the UK to meet the man of his dreams.

90 Day Fiancé UK will be available to stream exclusively from Sunday, July 24 on discovery+

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