Cards Against Humanity set to be a shocking quiz show on Comedy Central

25 Apr 2019

Comedy Central has ordered a pilot for a show based on the outrageously offensive game.

IT’S the game that makes jaws drop in homes around the world.

Now the outrageously offensive Cards Against Humanity is being turned into what will be the most shocking quiz show ever seen on British TV.

Comedy Central has ordered a pilot and is on the hunt for contestants — ideally ones who are not easily shocked.

For those that have never played it, the game rewards players for completing a sentence in the most scandalous way using cards with suggestions on.

A TV insider said: “While other channels are scrambling to make programmes as PC as possible, Comedy Central has declared war on the easily offended with what could be one of the most complained-about shows.

“Anyone who has ever played Cards Against Humanity knows it’s not for the timid.

“But it’s also hilarious and has sold millions by tapping into the thrill we all get — but don’t admit to — when we say something we shouldn’t.

“Rival channels will kick themselves and wonder why they didn’t think of it.”

CPL Productions will make the show. It is also behind A League of Their Own, Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule, Off Their Rockers and Married At First Sight.

Comedy Central has form for creating content that goes beyond the pale such as Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan’s Your Face Or Mine?, a controversial game show where the studio audience judge how attractive couples are.

A note for casting directors based on my own experiences playing Cards Against Humanity: Go with the quiet ones — they always have the filthiest minds.

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